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Warehousing November 16, 2020


Warehouses play a critical role in the supply chain, as they allow businesses to store and manage large amounts of inventory, and to distribute products quickly and efficiently to customers.


Effective long term storage, inventory management and retrieval of goods, with additional service of pre work inspection and packaging.

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Storage Solution

Expertly Managed Storage Services for Your Peace of Mind

We offer warehouses and storage facilities, larger and more secure space to store goods and merchandise, allowing businesses to expand their inventory and increase sales.

What we do

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Storage and Moving Needs

  • Receiving: The warehouse team receives the delivery and checks that it matches the purchase order or delivery note.

  • Unloading: The products are unloaded from the delivery vehicle and moved into the warehouse.

  • Checking: The warehouse team checks the products to ensure that they match the purchase order or delivery note in terms of quantity, quality, and condition.

  • Storing: The products are then stored in the appropriate location within the warehouse, which is usually based on the product type, SKU (stock-keeping unit), or location.

  • Recording: The warehouse team records the details of the delivery, such as the product name, quantity, and location, in the warehouse management system (WMS).

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— Arun
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— Raja
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— Amaan
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— Aditya
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